My mission is develop strong individuals through connected through body, spirit, mind tell a story, give off energy, light and communication! I teach because we need to impact one another, we need to be heard, understood and recreated from time to time to maximize our being. Weather we are inspired by music, people, nature, energy, our souls become whole, we come together to build abundance within ourselves so we can continue to give and focus on others needs. We creatively express today because we are made to, and to strengthen our connections with our inner and outer selves so we can better connect with the World beyond our imaginations. Move with Intention~


Ballet                                                                Movement for Actors, singers and non performers

Tap (Show tap, Hoofing, Rhythm Tap)          Choreography

Jazz                                                                   Audition Technique

Musical Theater                                               Stretch and Strengthening (Injury Prevention Fitness)

Hip Hop/Street/Funk

Contemporary/Lyrical                                    **Personal Development/Business Coach

Ballroom (Waltz, Cha Cha)                                     

Salsa, Merengue





(Leadership, effective communication, business development, virtual presence, leveraging Life skills!)

So how does a Entertainer become a Personal Development/Business Coach??

For the past 30 years of professional training in Theater and Drama, 13 years of teaching/coaching, I have developed a strong and effective approach to help people connect mind, body and spirit to a level of super consciousness to execute performance at their highest level. Catering to each individual, I  provide systematic training/exercises (physical, mental and emotional), finding the obstacles that may be blocking from their authentic powerful self, learning how to create intentions that are powerful and productive, taking control of their actions to build clarity in mind and communication, know how to build strategy and develop strong meaningful relationships that you can build upon to leverage all your life areas daily! Whether this skill is for personal use or for your career path, personal development and business development will help you develop a mindset that is a universal language to live at your highest potential possible.

   -Effective Communicating for Impactful Maximized results

   -Vocabulary, Intonation, Authentic Speech, Accents

   -Influencing and motivating people in and out through personal development and skill sets.

   -Speaking with authority, clarity, articulation and clear mindedness.

   -Increasing social and emotional intelligence

   -Gaining clarity from Intuition, strengthening gut feeling

   -Managing conflict, persuasion, difficult situations, delegation                                                                                                                                        -Micro managing time techniques and building habits/routine

   -Personal Branding

   -Personal Values/Integrity

   -Identifying and building strong sense of self

   -Recognizing gifts/talents and building skills

   -Creating/Noticing Opportunities

   -Relationship building-personal, teams and organization.

   -Mental awareness and how to recognize old habits, blocks, obstacles.

   -Creating a new space for newness, energy, higher potential, fresher personality and way of life.

   -Tactics to help strategize, and learning to create your own way of thinking to develop.

   -Letting go of all that is asessed and learned to tap into authenticity and truth to your spirit.


"Excuse me? What did you say?"  "I'm sorry, I couldn't understand what you said."  "What do you mean?"

For many native or non native speakers, accent reduction, phrasing corrections, and expanding vocabulary are key notes to develop a stronger and more effective way of communication. Michiko can help you train your speaking and language skill sets by training under a effective approach which results in concise, effective, articulate, clear conversation.

You will be assessed through your first session, and then be recognized by specific habits and obstacles that may need retraining.  We then evaluate what exercises, program and strategy will work best to give the most effective and efficient way of working towards your goal.

-Learn to articulate "vowels" "consonant" through varied exercises

-Breathing techniques to develop a strong and powerful way of speech

-Developing strong rhythm patterns, tone, intonation, finding your authentic speech

-Learning to use correct phrasing, choice of words and clarity

-Practice giving speeches, presentations, story telling

-Connecting mind, story, emotion, voice and physicality

-Improvising senarios, building quit witted mindsets and making smart quick decisions

-Conversation exercises, building a social setting for meaningful, effective conversation



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